Art News

All Elementary Schools are signed up for ARTSONIA, an online student art gallery.
There will be permission forms being sent home in the near future.
Check out the benefits online by clicking the link below: 

Art Achievement Announcement

I am very excited to announce a huge achievement for two of our young artists in the Eastwood Community. has worked with a company called Big Screen Plaza, an initiative promoting art, culture, and entertainment in a public venue. 

Alyssa Hoodlebrink and Brandon Nelson’s Artwork was chosen to represent Pemberville and Luckey Elementary in a slideshow exclusively featuring outstanding student artwork from around the country. The slideshow was displayed on a 30'x 16' LED screen in New York City during this year’s National Art Education Association Convention on March 2nd and 3rd

Congratulations to Alyssa Hoodlebrink and Brandon Nelson!

Alyssa’s Artwork: 

Brandon’s Artwork: 

Big Screen Plaza Slideshow in NYC

Thank you for your continued support of our online gallery. I look forward to many more art opportunities for our young artists.

Please Bring in PLASTIC BOTTLE CAPS and Lids 
Thank You to everyone who has brought in plastic lids and  caps so far! Keep Collecting! 

M.C. ESCHER Traveling Art Exhibit 
Students studied the artwork of M.C. Escher while looking at large reproductions of his work. 


PicasaWeb Slideshow

Concepts Studied:
Optical Illusions
Perspective Drawing
Creating 3D forms
Fish Tessellation Created by 1st and 2nd Grade

PicasaWeb Slideshow